Edmonton Infill planning and Property Assessment Guides

Residential Building Permits in Edmonton’s Mature Neighbourhoods Where in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods is infill happening? We used the General Building Permits dataset from our Open Data Portal to get some insight into this question. The visualization below shows all general building permits issued between January 2009 and March 2017 for new residential dwellings in mature neighbourhoods.


Edmonton is evolving. Our people, streets, and businesses are changing. We’re becoming more aware of the way our city is built and more excited about the kind of city we want to become. It’s an energy every Edmontonian can feel. Part of this evolution is infill. It’s not new, but it’s a growing trend in our city. Whether you’re a builder, a home buyer, or a resident of a neighbourhood where infill is popping up, you’ll find information here about how the City of Edmonton is working to build balanced communities.


Interactive Property Assessment Map

Earlier this year Edmonton’s Open Data Portal released a Property Assessment dataset. We’ve taken that dataset and created an interactive map to allow you to explore property assessment values around the city. Each property is coloured based on its percentile value (compared to all other properties’ assessed values). Make sure to scroll to the RIGHT to access the data for each interactive Map. Contact Brent with YEGforme Plan Smart!